Provincial Synod
The synod is the governing council of the church as a body, through its three houses, namely the House of Bishops, the Clergy and the Laity. This committee consists of five members in a diocese, who in accordance with the constitution deliberate on all matters pertaining to the church including spiritual discipline and gives full synodical authority to any act of synod.

Provincial Standing Committee of Synod
This is a sub-committee appointed by the Provincial Synod to attend to urgent matters arising, which do not necessarily require the attention of the Provincial Synod. The boards of mission, finance, education/training and sciences channel matters through this sub-committee for deliberation before receiving the final mandate from the Provincial Synod. It consists of three members in a diocese.
board of mission
Board of Mission
This board, through the departments of Mothers Union, Kenya Anglican Youth Organisation (KAYO), Sunday School, Boys & Girls Brigade, Hospital Chaplaincy, Armed Forces Chaplaincy and Diocesan Missionary Association (DMA) & Evangelism, is the evangelistic arm of the Anglican Church of Kenya obeying the command of Christ to preach the gospel to every person.
Board of Education and Training
Illiteracy is the greatest hindrance to human development. By teaching and educating, this board aims at reducing ignorance in people for the advancement of the church and mankind. It brings together the departments of Provincial Theological Education, Provincial Colleges Council, Education and Liturgical Council.
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Board of Social Services
By giving the church a touch of the world and the world a touch of the church, this board seeks to address the major areas of societal concern-Development, Communication, Justice, Peace and reconciliation as well as Researching the roots of societal evils and coming up with positive solutions. The two publications titled The Christian Voice and Roots are our vehicles for dialogue with each other and the world on these major areas of concern.
Board of Finance
This board, enables the advancement of the mission of the Church by providing material resources. As the financial arm of the church, it is accountable for the monetary resources that have been entrusted to it by people for the work and advancement of the Body of Christ. Under this board are the Budget Committee, Provincial Institutions & Investments, Terms of Service & Appointment and Stewardship Committee.
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