The ACK Diocese of Bungoma was created on January 1st, 1996 by the sub-division of Nambale Diocese.

Bungoma is in the Western Province of Kenya, covering two administrative districts namely Bungoma and Mt. Elgon. It hosts 50 parishes and ministers to 149, 400 Anglicans.

The Current Bishop    

The Rt. Rev. George Wafula Mechumo
(To be consecrated and enthroned on 1st November, 2009)

P.O. Box 2392, Bungoma
Tel Office +254-055-30481 House +254-055-30635
E-mail: ackbungoma@swiftkenya.com

The Diocese has;
• 5 Archdeaconries • 50 Parishes • 750 congregations • 68 Priests
• 33 Church workers • 149,400 Anglicans

Butonge Deanery
St Andrews Butonge Parish, PO Box 80, Bungoma
St Joseph’s Tunyo Parish, PO Box 23, Bungoma

Malakisi Deanery
Malakisi Parish, PO Box 6, Malakisi
Kamorototo Parish , PO Box 7, Malakisi
Namwesi Parish, PO Box 65, Malakisi

Lwandanyi Deanery
Lwandanyi Parish, PO Box 25, Lwandanyi via Cheptais
Lwakhakha Parish, PO Box 49, Lwakhakha

Chebukube Deanery
Chebukube Parish, PO Box 198, Cheptais
Tulienge Parish, PO Private Bag, Cheptais
Kapsitati Parish, PO Cheptais
Webuye Deanery
St Mathew’s Pro-Cathedral Parish, PO Box 960, Webuye
St Stephen’s Webuye Parish, PO Box 1101, Webuye
Sirende Parish, PO Box 11, Mukhe via Webuye

Kamukuywa Deanery
Kamukuwa Parish, PO Box 950, Webuye
Mbakalu Parish, PO Box 115, Naitiri/Kitale
Kimilili Deanery
St Peters Kimilili Parish, PO Box 289, Kimilili
Hoito Parish, PO Box 183, Kimilili
St James Kimilili, PO Box 699, Kimilili

Kapkateny Deanery
Kapkateny Parish, PO Box 327, Kimilili
Mukuyuni Parish, PO Private Bag, Chwele
Murembe Parish, PO Box 26, Kimilili
Bungoma Deanery
St Crispins Bungoma Parish, PO Box 555, Bungoma
Nzoia Sugar Parish, PO Box 15, Bungoma
Syombe Parish, PO Box 15, Myanga
Holy Trinity Sikata Parish, PO Box 1976, Bungoma

Kabula Deanery
Kabula Parish, PO Box 459, Bungoma
Emmanuel Musikoma Parish, PO Box 64, Bungoma
Sang’alo Parish, PO Box 278, Bungoma
Masuno Parish, PO Box 395, Nasyanda

Mukhweya Deanery
Chwele Parish, PO box 336, Chwele
Marobo Parish, PO Private Bag, Bungoma
Marakaru Parish, PO Box 312, Bungoma
Other addresses:  
CCS Department, PO Box 699, Kimilili
Other departments: PO Box 2392, Bungoma
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