The ACK Diocese of Butere was created in 1993 by the sub-division of the former Diocese of Maseno North, in 1992.It covers two administrative districts namely Mumias and Butere. Butere has a population of 109, 782 (Central Bureau of Statistics, 1999) thus to reach them effectively, 32 parishes have been established. The diocese has 33, 000 Anglicans.

Agriculture is the main economic activity with most holdings at subsistence production levels.

The Current Bishop    

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Timothy Wambunya
(Consecrated and Enthroned on October 6th, 2013)

P.O. Box 54- 50101, Butere
Tel Office +254-056-620412 House +254-056-620412
Fax. +254-056-620038
E-mail: ackbutere@swiftkenya.com

The Diocese has;
• 1 Archdeaconry • 43 Parishes • 160 congregations
• 33 Priests • 12 Church workers
Archdeacon: The Ven Wilson Oyamo  

Buchenya Deanery
Buchenya Parish, PO Box 228, Butere
Ibokolo Parish, c/o PO Box 54, Butere
Muluwa Parish, PO Box 236, Butere
Shibanga Parish, PO Box 21, Butere

Malakisi Deanery
Malakisi Parish, PO Box 6, Malakisi
Kamorototo Parish , PO Box 7, Malakisi
Namwesi Parish, PO Box 65, Malakisi

Butere Deanery
Emuyundi Parish, PO Box 62, Butere
Eshirembe Parish, PO Box 200, Butere
Eshiyiro Parish, PO Box 99, Butere

Eshinamwenyuli Deanery
Bukolwe Parish, PO Box 114, Butere
Eshinamwenyuli Parish, PO Box 37, Butere
Shitsitswi Parish, PO Box 46, Butere

Enanga Deanery
Emulunya Parish, PO Box 27, Khumusalaba
Enanga Parish, PO Box 27, Khumusalaba

Inaya Deanery
Elukaka Parish, PO Box 173, Bukura (Tel 0333-20285)
Inaya Parish, PO Box 82, Bukura
Iranda Parish, PO Box 4, Bukura

Khwisero Deanery
Ematundu Parish, PO Box 62, Khwisero
Emwiru Parish, PO Box 303, Khwisero
Khwisero Parish, PO Box 23, Khwisero

Lunza Deanery
Bumamu Parish, PO Box 99, Lunza
Eshitoyi Parish, PO Box 96, Lunza
Lunza Parish, PO Box 58, Lunza

Mulwanda Deanery
Mukhombe Parish, PO Box 16, Khumusalaba
Mulwanda Parish, PO Box 123, Yala
Mundoli Parish, PO Box 106, Khumusalaba

Emahene Deanery
Emahene Parish, PO Box 215, Khwisero
Emako Parish, PO Box 215, Khwisero
Emwanga Parish, PO Box 123, Yala

Namasoli Deanery
Enyanya Parish, PO Box 292, Yala
Ikomero Parish, PO Box 18, Manyulia
Namasoli Parish, PO Box 38, Yala

Shiatsala Deanery
Eshibembe Parish, PO Box PO Box 194, Butere
Manyala Parish, PO Box 72, Butere
Masaba Parish, PO Box 25, Butere
Shianda Parish, PO Box 140, Butere
Shiatsala Parish, PO Box 194, Butere

Shikunga Deanery
Lukoye Parish, PO Box 5, Khwisero
Shikunga Parish, PO Box 51, Butere
Shiraha Parish, PO Box 118, Khwisero

Other addresses:  
Diocesan Departments: P.O. Box 54, Butere (Tel 0333-20412/ Fax 0333-20038)

Christian Community Services (Western Cluster Eastern Area): Mr Joseph Owiye

Christian Community Services (Western Cluster Sugar Belt Area): Mrs Mary Ombuna

Communications Dept./Akeefwe Newsletter: Vacant
Mothers’ Union Worker/Trainer: Mrs Margaret Were D/E Rose Okeno

Mothers’ Union Youth/Bakhoya Women Group: Mrs Lydia Aduyu
Shimwenyi Sewing Project: Miss Lillian Onyango
Sunday School Co-ordinator : Rev Harrison Mirikau
Youth Department: Rev Richard Inganga, Mrs Rael Etindi
Diocesan Institutions  
Eshimuli Guest House : PO Box 338, Butere (Tel 0333-20359)
Warden: Mrs Naomi Kachula

Festo Olang’ Resource Centre: PO Box 338, Butere (Tel 0333-20407)
Institute for Contemporary Mission and Research (ecumenical):
P.O. Box 338, Butere (Tel 0333-20407) The Rev Benjamin Shikwali

Mulwanda Clinic: PO Box 394, Khwisero
Namasoli Heath Centre: PO Box 72, Yala
Shimwenyi Bookshop Butere: PO Box 54, Butere
Shimwenyi Bookshop Khwisero: PO Box 54, Butere
St Johns Clinic Mukhombe: PO Box 16, Khumusalaba
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