The ACK Diocese of Kajiado was created in January 1993 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Nairobi. It was designated as a "missionary Diocese" because it is largely underdeveloped. The Diocese lies south of the capital Nairobi towards the Tanzanian border. Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,340ft) lies just across the southern border of the Diocese.

Although the Diocese is in Maasai land, members of many other communities such as Kikuyu, Kamba and Luo live in the area. It is largely rural (technically semi-arid) with few resources. Agriculture is the main occupation.

The Current Bishop    

The Rt. Rev. Gadiel Katanga Lenini
(Consecrated & Enthroned January 15, 2012)

P.O. Box 203-01100, Kajiado
Tel Office +254-045-21105/21201
Fax. +254-045-21106
E-mail: ackajiado@swiftkenya.com

Most of the parishes have a number of daughter churches. There are 25 ordained clergy serving in the Diocese (priests and deacons), 25 evangelists and 20 Lay leaders.  
The Diocese has;
• 5 Archdeaconries • 20 Parishes • 100 Congregations
• 31 Priests • 13 Church workers • 8,000 Anglicans
1. The Maasai Rural Training Centre (MRTC)
2. Kajiado Resource Centre
Parish Addresses:

Kitengela Deanery
St Stephen’s Noonkopir, PO Box 575, Athi River (Tel 0150-22132 for messages only)
Church of Good Shepherd, Isinya PO Box 24, Kajiado (Tel Isinya 0301-21306)
All Souls Enooretet Parish, PO Box 127, Sultan Hamud (Tel 0144-52260)

Kajiado Deanery
Emmanuel Pro-Cathedral Parish, PO Box 21, Kajiado (Tel. 0301-21444)
St. Luke’s Parish, PO Box 166, Namanga (Tel. 0303-32232 for messages only)
St. Mary’s Meto Parish, PO Box 135, Kajiado
Elangata Wuas Parish, PO Box 84, Kajiado
St. Mark’s Ngatu Parish, PO Box 91, Kajiado

Magadi Deanery
St. Thomas Magadi Parish, PO Box 8, Magadi (Tel. 0303-32430/0722-831149)
St. Mary’s Entasopia/ Nguruman Parish, PO Box 24, Magadi

Oloitokitok Deanery
St. James Loitokitok, PO Box 7, Loitokitok (Tel. 0302-22200)
St. John’s Illasit, PO Box 192, Loitokitok
Kimana Parish, Loitokitok, PO Box 7, Loitokitok
Emmanuel Parish Entarara, PO Box 124, Loitokitok
St Paul’s Ngama c/o St. John’s Illasit, PO Box 192, loitokitok (Tel. 0302-22408)

Ong’ata Rongai Deanery
St. Faith’s Ong’ata Rongai, PO Box 15577, Mbagathi (Tel. 0303-23385)
St. James Oloirien Parish, PO Box 88, Kiserian

Other addresses:  

Administrative Secretary, PO Box 203, Kajiado (Tel. 0301-21201/21105/0722-831149)
Mother’s Union Co-ordinator, PO Box 203, Kajiado (Tel. 0301-21105)
T.E.E. Co-ordinator, PO Box 24, Kajiado (Tel. 0301-21433)
E-mail: jtmccammon@hotmail.com

Stewardship Co-ordinator, PO Box 203, Kajiado (Tel. 0301-21105)
Youth & Sunday School Co-ordinator, PO Box 203, Kajiado (Tel. 0301-21105)
Maasai Rural Training Centre, PO Box 24, Kajiado (0301-21306)
Kajiado Resource Centre, PO Box 203, Kajiado (Tel. 0301-21105 Fax. 0301-21106)
Mobile Clinic, PO Box 203, Kajiado (Tel. 0301-21105)

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