The ACK Diocese of Katakwa was created on 1st January 1991 after it was separated off from the Diocese of Nambale.It covers the Teso administrative district.

Teso's population ranks 181, 491 with a coverage of 559 sq. kms. (Central Bureau of Statistics)

The Current Bishop    

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Zakayo Iteba Epusi
(Consecrated and Enthroned 7th January, 2007)

P.O. Box 68, Amagoro
Tel Office +254-055-54079
E-mail: ackatakwa@swiftkenya.com

The Diocese has;
• 5 Archdeaconries • 31 Parishes

Katakwa Deanery
St John’s Pro-Cathedral Parish, PO Box 2, Angurai (Tel. 0337-20835)
Katakwa Parish, PO Box 2, Angurai
Akawai Parish, PO Box 52, Malakasi
Komilia sub-Parish, PO Box 51, Malakasi

Angurai Deanery
Angurai Parish, PO Box 52, Angurai
Akichelesit sub-Parish, PO Box 28, Angurai
Kakapel Community Centre, PO Box 28, Angurai

Chamasiri Deanery
Chamasiri Parish, PO Box 84, Kakemer
Moding’ Parish, PO Box 37, Malakisi
Changara Parish, PO Box 59, Malakisi
Kakemer Parish, PO Box 84, Kakemer
Kamunyongole Centre, PO Box 59, Malakisi
Apokor sub-Parish, PO Box 7, Kakemer
Lwakhakha Parish, PO Box 83, Kakemer
Katomei Centre, PO Box 56, Cheptais

Kabkara Deanery
Kabkara Parish, PO Box 56, Cheptais
Cheptais Parish, PO Box 56, Cheptais
Hoito Deanery
Hoito Parish, PO Box 236, Kimilil
Namorio Parish, PO Box 236, Kimilil
Kaborom Parish, PO Box 155, Kapsokwony

Chepkwabi Deanery
Chepkwabi Parish, PO Box 236, Kimilil
Namorio Parish, PO Box 236, Kimilil
Kapsogom Missionary Area, PO Box 11, Chwele
Kipsikrok Missionary Parish, PO Box 299, Chelebei
Kuywa Centre, PO Box 236 Kimilil
Kamukata Centre, PO Box 396, Kimilil
Kamuriai Deanery
Kamuriai Parish, PO Box 53, Kamuriai
Machakusi Parish, PO Box 62, Kamuriai
Malaba Parish, PO Box 70, Kamuriai
Amagoro Parish, PO Box 68, Amagoro
Kekalet Centre, PO Box 53, Kamuriai
Asinge Centre, PO Box 68, Amagoro
South Teso Deanery
Ngelechom Parish, PO Box 132, Busia
Alupe Parish, PO Box 53, Adungosi
Alerait Parish, PO Box 58, Adingosi
Amukura Missionary Parish, PO Box 171, Amukura
Busia Town Parish, PO Box 477, Busia
Other addresses:  
Administrative Secretary’s Office, PO Box 68, Amagoro (Tel. 0337-54079)

Department of Communications, PO Box 58, Amagoro

TEE and Lay Training Centre, PO Box 68, Amagoro
Chamasiri Mission Dispensary, PO Box 84, Kakemer
Diocesan Christian Community Services, PO Box 68, Amagoro
Hoito Mission Clinic, PO Box 238, Kimilil
Chelebei Mission Clinic, PO Box 58, Cheptais
Fellowship of the Retired Clergy, PO Box 68, Amagoro
Cheptais Mission Dispensary, PO Box 58, Cheptais
St Luke’s Community Centre, Kakapel PO Box 28, Angurai
Other Diocesan Departments:- Mother’s Union, Youth, Sunday School, Education, DMA c/o PO Box 68 Amagoro
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