The ACK Diocese of Kitale was formed on the 1st of July 1997 after the sub-division of the Diocese of Eldoret. It encompasses the following administrative districts:- Mt. Elgon, Trans-Nzoia, West Pokot, Marakwet and Turkana District with its headquarters in Kitale.

The 204 congregations have been incorporated in 38 parishes. Serving the 2000 Anglicans are 4 Archdeaconries with a team of 76 Priests and church workers.

The Current Bishop    
kitale bishop

The Rt. Rev. Stephen Kewasis Nyorsok
(Consecrated and Enthroned Jan. 12, 1992)

P.O. Box 4176, Kitale
Tel Office +254-054-31631
Fax. +254-054-31387

The diocese has;
• 4 Archdeaconries • 38 Parishes • 204 Congregations
• 76 Priests/church workers • 20,000 Anglicans
1. Christian Community Services
2. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)
3. Bishop Muge Conference Centre
We have a number of Secondary and Primary Schools
No. of Secondary Schools - 8
No. of Primary Schools - 56
1 College - Dr. Cox Memorial College of Mission and Development

Urban Deanery
St Luke’s Pro-Cathedral, PO Box 245, Kitale (Tel. 0325-31034)
St Paul’s Parish, PO Box 844, Kitale
Wamuini Parish, PO Box 2404, Kitale
Kibomet Parish, PO Box 1059, Kitale

Cherangani Deanery
Cherangani Parish, PO Box 333, Kitale
Kong’asis Parish, PO Box 539, Moi’s Bridge
Kaplamai Parish, PO Box 121, Kitale
St James Kachibora Parish, PO Box 4578, Kitale
Chebiemit Missionary Area, PO Box 64, Chebiem

Waitaluk Deanery
Waitaluk Parish, PO Box 3298, Kitale
St Stephen’s Moi’s Bridge Parish, PO Box 257, Moi’s Bridge

Kwanza Deanery
St John’s Kwanza Parish, PO Box 20, Kwanza
Koboss Parish, PO Box 2260, Kitale
Kesegon Parish, PO Box 49, Kipsaina

Saboti Deanery
Saboti Parish, PO Box 2819, Kitale
Endebess Parish, PO Box 1243, Kitale
St John’s Kiminini Parish, PO Box 4544, Kitale

Kapenguria Deanery
Kapenguria Parish, PO Box 24, Kapenguria (Tel: 0324-2098)
Immanuel Nasokol Parish, PO Box 60, Kapenguria
Kamarrow Parish, PO Box 105, Kapenguria
Suam Missionary Area, PO Box 9, Kacheliba (Tel. 19 Kacheliba)
Transkanyang’areng Missionary Area, PO Box 9, Kacheliba (Tel. 19 Kacheliba)

Chepareria Deanery
Chepareria Parish, PO Box 217, Kapenguria
Psigor Parish, PO Box 6, Wei Wei
Lelan Parish, PO Box 501, Kapenguria
Tot Missionary Area, PO Box Tot
Lodwar Deanery
Lodwar Missionary Area, PO Box 108, Lodwar
Lokichoggio Missionary Area, PO Box 38, Lokichoggio
Kapsokwony Deanery
Kapsokwony Parish, PO Box 25, KapsokwonyKaptama
Parish, PO Box 71, KaptamaChesito
Parish, PO Box 25, Kapsokwony
Kipsikrok Parish, PO Box 25, Kapsokwony
Other addresses:  

Dr. Peter Cox College of Mission and Development,
PO Box 330, Kapenguria

St. Francis School for the Blind, PO Box 163, Kapenguria
Kitale Zonal Office, (CCS) PO Box 1779, Kitale (Tel. 0325-31486)
Lodwar Zonal Office, (CCS) PO Box 108, Lodwar (Tel. 0393-21215)
Bishop Muge Conference Centre (BMCC), PO Box 4176, Kitale (Tel. 0325-31806)
World Food Programme Office, PO Box 24, Kapenguria (Tel. 0324-2089)
Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), PO Box 4176, Kitale (Tel. 0325-31631)

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