The Diocese comprises Marsabit, Isiolo and part of Samburu Counties in N. Kenya. Originally part of the Diocese of Mt. Kenya East, it became part of Diocese of Kirinyaga in 1990. In 2008 it was taken directly under the Archbishop of Kenya, as the Marsabit Mission Area, and therefore part of All Saints Cathedral Diocese. On July 24 th 2011 it was inaugurated as a fully-fledged Diocese and re-joined the fellowship of the Mt. Kenya Dioceses, with the former Suffragan Bishop, Rt. Rev. Robert D.M. Martin, collated as the Bishop
Current Bishop    


Bishop: Rt. Rev. Robert Martin,
P.O. Box 51 60500 Marsabit or
c/o MAF Kenya, P.O. Box 21123 00505
Nairobi Mobile +25472000669;

Administrative Secretary: Rev. Jeremiah Omar,
P.O. Box 51 60500, Marsabit.
Mobile +254731140874;
E email

Mothers Union Coordinator:
Rev Alice Wangui,
Mobile +254723882387:




Marsabit Archdeaconary - Headed by Archdeacon Ven. Matayo Wache
Parishes in Marsabit Archdeaconary include:
- Marsabit
- Sagante
- Badassa
- Bubisa
- Karare
- Kargi
- Maikona

Sololo Archdeaconary - Headed by Archdeacon Ven. Qampicha Daniel Wario
Parishes in Sololo Archdeaconary include:
- Sololo
- Moyale
- Uran
- Anona

Isiolo Archdeaconary - Headed by Archdeacon Ven. Abraham Oche Riwe
Parishes in Isiolo Archdeaconary include:
- Isiolo
- Archers Post
- Ngaremara
- Waso


Training Centres

St. Stephen's Training Centre, Marsabit,
P.O. Box 51 60500 Marsabit,
Manager Mrs. Martha Roba,
mobile: +254725178285:

St. Paul's Training Centre
Moyale, P.O. Box 42 60700


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