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The Diocese of Maseno North was created in 1970 by the sub-division of the former Diocese of Maseno. In 1987 the Diocese of Nambale was separated; and then in 1993 the Dioceses of Butere and Mumias separated off leaving the present Diocese of Maseno North.
The Current Bishop    
maseno north bishop

The Rt. Rev. Simon M. Oketch
(Consecrated & Enthroned Dec. 17, 1995)

P.O. Box 416, Kakamega
Tel Office +254-056-30729 House +254-056-30752
E-mail: or

The Diocese has;
• 6 Archdeaconries • 42 Parishes • 175 congregations
• 45 Priests • 8 Church workers • 12,000 Anglicans

Maseno Deanery
Maseno Parish, PO Box 62, Maseno
Ekwanda Parish, PO Box 106, Maseno
Khwiliba Parish, PO Box 47, Luanda
Nametsa sub-Parish, PO Box 129, Maseno

Bunyore Deanery
Bunyore Parish, PO Box 18, Maseno
Emukasa Parish, PO Box 763, Luanda
Esabalu Parish, PO Box 67, Luanda

Ebwali Deanery
Ebwali Parish, PO Box 449, Luanda
Echichibulu Parish, PO Box 14, Bunyore
Ebusiratsi Parish, PO Box 12, Emuhaya
Emakunda Parish, PO Box 60, Bunyore

Esiandumba Deanery
Esiandumba Parish, PO Box 399, Luanda
St Peter’s Luanda Parish, PO Box 133, Luanda
Ebukoolo Parish, PO Box 111, Yala
Ebusyubi Parish, PO Box 213, Luanda
St Paul’s Nyahela sub-Parish, PO Box 67, Khumusalaba

Mwichio Deanery
Mwichio Parish, PO Box 14, Maseno
Embali Parish, PO Box 200, Khumusalaba
Esihoola Parish, PO Box 14, Maseno
St Mary’s Munjiti Parish, PO Box 247, Khumusalaba
Kakamega Deanery
Kakamega Parish, PO Box 384, Kakamega
Lurambi Parish, PO Box 272, Kakamega
Kimang’eti Parish, PO Box 98, Malava

Maragoli Deanery
Maragoli Parish, PO Box 877, Maragoli
Kerongo Parish, PO Box 10, Mahanga
Kisieli Parish, PO Box 189, Vihiga
Lesos Parish, PO Box 125, Wodanga
Cheptulu Sub-Parish, PO Box 877, Maragoli
Eshiamboko Deanery
Eshiamboko Parish, PO Box 25, Shibuli via Kakamega
Mwiyenga Parish, PO Box 187, Bukura
Eshisango Parish, PO Box 73, Khwisero

Esumeyia Deanery
Esumeyia Parish, PO Box 2302, Kakamega
Eshikomari Parish, PO Box 69, Makunga
Ebutenje Sub-Parish, PO Box 69, Makunga
Soy Deanery
Soy Parish, PO Box 125, Soy
Lumakanda Parish, PO Box 502, Turbo
Lugulu Parish, PO Box 870, Turbo

Lugari Deanery
Lugari Parish, PO Box 110, Turbo
Chekalini Parish, PO Box 63, Lugari
Mautuma Parish, PO Box 110, Turbo
Kiminini Deanery
Kiminini Parish, PO Box 21, Tabani
Nzoia Parish, PO Box 139, Mabusi
Eshikulu Parish, PO Box 10, Mabusi
Makutano Parish, PO Box 6, Tongaren

Kamukuywa Deanery
Kamukuywa Parish, PO Box 950, Webuye
Maliki Parish, PO Box 54, Maliki
Mbakalu Sub-Parish, PO Box 115, Naitiri via Kitale
Other addresses:  
Diocesan Office, Administrative Secretary, Youth Director, Sunday School Director, Mother’s Union,Christian Community Services, Christian Literature Centre, Diocesan Missionary Association, Theological Education by Extension, Education Secretary,
P.O. Box 416, Kakamega (Tel. 0331-30729)

St Philip’s Theological College, PO Box 1, Maseno (Tel. 035-51019)

ST Philip’s Sunrise Nursery School, PO Box 116, Maseno
ACK Maseno Mission Hospital, PO Box 116, Maseno Tel. 035-51006
St Francis Mission Station, PO Box 125, Soy
Maseno Youth Polytechnic, PO Box 207, Maseno (Tel. 035-51044)
Soy Youth Polytechnic, PO Box 125, Soy
Mautuma Youth Polytechnic, PO Box 110, Turbo
Kamukuywa Youth Polytechnic, PO Box 950, Webuye
Nzoia Youth Polytechnic, PO Box 139, Mabusi
Nzalwa Youth Polytechnic, PO Box 399, Luanda.
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