Comprising administrative districts of Mbeere and Mandera
The Current Bishop    

The Rt. Rev. Moses Masamba Nthuka
(Consecrated & Enthroned 12th Oct. 2008)

P.O. Box 122, Siakago
Tel Office +254-068-21261
Fax +254-068-21083
E-mail: bishopmbeere@googlemail.com

The Diocese has;
• 4 Archdeaconries • 30 Parishes • 125 congregations
• 52 Priests s • 50,000 Anglicans

The Anglican Church of Kenya Mbeere Diocese came to existence on 1st July 1997. It was created out of the former CPK Diocese of Embu. It covers the District Administrative boundaries of Mbeere in Eastern Province and Mandera in North Eastern Province of Kenya. Mbeere Diocese lies under a Semi- arid and arid Lands and people of the area are Peasant farmers. They grow crops and keep animals like cows, goats, sheep and camels on North Eastern part. Some of the crops grown are maize, green grams and tobacco.

Mbeere Diocese is a Metropolitan Diocese. Several Communities lie within the Diocese but majority being the Mbeere and the Kamba's. Others are Embu, Kikuyu and Somalis on the North Eastern part.

The first Bishop of ACK Diocese of Mbeere the Rt. Rev. Gideon G. Ireri was consecrated on 26th October 1997 at the Church of Good Samaritan Nyangwa, a Mother Church of the Diocese where the first CMS Mission started in the Region the year 1919. An occasion which was witnessed by among others His Excellency the President of the republic of Kenya
Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi.

The Diocese is administrated through the following:
1. Mothers Union - has a full time Mothers Union Worker
2. Education Department - Full time Education Secretary
3. Youth & Sunday School - Full time Youth & Sunday School Coordinator.
4. Communication Department - Full time Communication Officer
5. Stewardship & Fund Development - Full time Director
6. Development - Part time Director of Development
7. Theological Education by Extension - Part time TEE Director.
In the year 1998 the Diocese had a population of 48,837 and by the year 2001 the population had increased to 50,693 an increment of 3% in population.  
The Diocese has the following Staff establishment.
1. Bishop 1
2. Active Clergy in the Diocese 29
3. Seconded Clergy 7
4. Members of the Staff 18

The Diocese is a sponsor of:

i) 69 Primary Schools
ii) 23 Secondary Schools
iii) 2 Polytechnics
iv) 1 Special School for the deaf namely:
St. Luke's School for the Deaf Address: P.O. Box 1732 EMBU.


The Diocese has/is the following Projects:

It has 15 child Development Centres thus are Centres. These are Projects funded by the Compassion International through the Church and which caters for the Education and other aspects of Human life of the Sponsored children. These are Projects established within Kanyuambora Archdeaconry of the Diocese and only one in Nyangwa Archdeaconry.

Through the initiative of the Bishop, the Local Communities and the Diocese has started a TEE & Lay Training Centre at Ngenge. This was started in the year 2000. This Project is still at the grassroots but we have been able to start the first permanent building through the Harambee, Local donors and International donors. There are some Semi-permanent buildings in the area where currently TEE and Lay Training Seminars are being organized. Once the permanent building is
complete we shall be able to have enough facilities like hostels where we expect to train people to well equipped and knowledgeable with the word of God and other aspects of life.

We are still hoping more people will be willing to fund this worth Project for more people to be informed.

The Diocesan Mothers Union of Mbeere has so far managed to acquire a plot within Siakago Market. The Project has 13 Rental Houses which are rented. They are giving an income of at least Kshs.6,000/- per month as House Rent. The Mothers Union are still looking for funds to buy an adjustment plot and renovate the existing House to attract more
people and generate more income.

The Diocese has a Bookshop which was started in the year 1998 within Siakago Market. This is one of an income generating project of the Diocese and it also helps the Community in supplying most of the Church supplies. However, when funds are available we intend to extend the Bookshop to other parts of the Diocese in Ishiara, Kiritiri and Makutano.

In 1999 the Diocese started the construction of a two Storey Office building. This when completed, it will be able to accommodate all the departments. The construction of the Office is on and the Bishop is Laying the Foundation Stone of the Office building on 11th August 2002. We are still praying that God is going to show the Christians the need to give out their materials so that this Project can be completed. This will be helpful to avoid so many departments squeezing in the small space available in the existing Offices.


The CCS of Mt. Kenya East has a Project within the Diocese. The Mayori integrated development Centre is very useful to the Mbeere Community. They offer the following:

1. They train people on Agriculture and animal husbandry.
2. They train Communities on HIV/AIDS awareness through Seminars
and Courses and they have trained personnel who do that work.
3. They have a Clinic at the Centre and also offer Mobile Clinic to
the far Parishes of the Diocese i.e Mbita, Ngoce and Kiambere.
4. They have enough Hostel Facilities for Seminars and Conferences.

The Diocese has 127 congregations divided in the following 27 Parishes, 9 Deaneries and 4 Archdeaconries:  

Kerwa Deanery
Kerwa Parish, PO Box 22, Kiritiri
Nyangwa Parish, PO Box 12, Kiritiri
Gikiiro Parish, PO Box 87, Kiritiri

Mayori Deanery
Mayori Parish, PO Box 59, Kiritiri
Kiambere Parish, PO Box 1309, Embu
Macang’a Parish, PO Box 73, Kiritiri

Siakago Deanery
Siakago Parish, PO Box 62, Siakago
Riandu Parish, PO Box 107, Siakago
Karambari Parish, PO Box 55, Siakago

Kirima Deanery
Kirima Parish, PO Box 1194, Embu
Rwika Parish, PO Box 220, Embu
Ngenge Parish, PO Box 448, Embu

Muchunguri Deanery
Mbita Parish, PO Box 1312, Embu
Muchunguri Parish, PO Box 971, Embu
Kiamuringa Parish, PO Box 42, Embu
Karangare Deanery
Karangare Parish, PO Box 127, Ishiara
Ciangera Parish, PO Box 27, Ishiara
Ngoce Parish, PO Box 70, Ishiara

Kathigagaceru Deanery
Kanyuambora Parish, PO Box 5, Ishiara
Kathigagaceru Parish, PO Box 73, Ishiara
Kavengero Parish, PO Box 42, Ishiara
Gategi Deanery
Gategi Parish, PO Box 38, Karaba
Makima Parish, PO Box 1451, Embu
Riakanau Parish, PO Box 56, Karaba

Makutano Deanery
Makutano Parish, PO Wachoro via Sagana
Karaba Parish, PO Box 40, Karaba
Wango Parish, PO Box 40, Karaba
Mandera DMA Area c/o PO Box 122, Siakago
Other addresses:  
Administrative Secretary, PO Box 122, Siakago
Education Secretary, PO Box 122, Siakago
Youth Secretary, PO Box 122, Siakago
Sunday School Secretary, PO Box 122, Siakago
Mother’s Union Secretary, PO Box 122, Siakago
Communications Officer, PO Box 122, Siakago
Diocesan Director, PO Box 122, Siakago
Diocesan Bookshop, PO Box 122, Siakago
TEE Director, PO Box 122, Siakago
Diocesan Stewardship Director, PO Box 122, Siakago
Mayori Development Integrated Centre, PO Box 127, Kiritiri (Tel. 0162-21457)
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