The ACK Diocese of Mombasa was founded in 1898 on the sub-division of the former Diocese of Eastern Equatorial Africa. In 1921 Kavirondo was added and in 1927 Central Tanganyika was separated off. In 1960 Maseno, Nakuru and Fort Hall (Mount Kenya) was separated and in 1964, the Diocese of Nairobi was carved off and the Diocese of Taita-Taveta separated on 1.7.93, leaving the present Diocese of Mombasa.
The Current Bishop    
mombasa bishop

The Rt. Rev. Julius Robert Katoi Kalu
(Consecrated and Enthroned Jan. 2, 1994)

P.O. Box 80072- 80100, Mombasa
Tel Office +254-041-2311105
Hse. +254-041-2312358

Cell: 0722-415511/0722-536743/0733-528634 /0735-499617
Fax. +254-041-2316361

The Anglican Church of Kenya appointed The Rt. Rev. Lawrence K. Dena as the assistant Bishop of Diocese of Mombasa. Bishop Dena was the sixth Provincial Secretary in the Anglican Church of Kenya.(2006- 2009)

Gede Deanery
St. Andrew’s Malindi Parish, PO Box 263, Malindi (Tel. 20084)
Barani Parish, PO Box 5786, Malindi
St. Stephen’s Dabaso, PO Box 86, Watamu
St. James Gede, PO Box 40, Gede
Jilore parish, PO Box 818, Malindi
Chakama D.M.A., PO Box Kakonen via Malindi

Gongoni Deanery
Gongoni parish, PO Box 12, Gongoni via Malindi
Marata Parish, PO Box 95, Madina, Marafa
Marereni sub-parish, c/o PO Box 12, Gongoni
Marikebuni sub-parish c/o PO Box 12, Gongoni
Garashi sub-parish

Shungwaya Deanery
Hola parish, PO Box 119, Hola
Mpeketoni Parish, PO Box 65, Mpeketoni,
LamuLamu Parish, PO Box 349, Lamu
Bura Parish, PO Box 63, Bura-Tana
Garsen D.M.A., po Box 63, Garseni
Island Deanery
Mombasa Memorial Cathedral, PO Box 81962, Mombasa
St. Luke’s Makupa Parish, PO Box 98292, Mombasa (Tel. Off. 491876, Hse. 494750)
Manyimbo parish, POBox 98316, Mombasa (Tel. 492262)

Changamwe Deanery
Emmanuel Changamwe Parish, PO Box 93116, Mombasa (Tel. 432753)
St. Andrew’s Soweto Parish, PO Box 93535, Mombasa (Tel. 433156)
Mikindani parish POBox 98391, Mombasa

Kisauni Deanery
Kisauni Parish, PO Box 85010, Mombasa (Tel. 471569)
Bamburi parish, PO Box 12038, Mombasa
Bamburi Factory Parish PO Box 16606, Mombasa
St. Peter’s Nyali Parish, PO Box 95803, Mombasa ( Tel. 472550)
Ukunda Deanery
Ukunda Parish, PO Box 884, Ukunda
Shimba Hills Parish, PO Box 44, Shimba Hills (Tel. 50)
Lungalunga Parish ,c/o PO Box 58, Lungalunga
A.C.K. Likoni Parish, PO Box 96684, Mombasa (Tel. 451982/451619)
Kinango Parish, PO Box 59, Kinango
Kwale Parish, PO Box 221, Kwale
Msambeni Parish, c/o PO Box 8, Msambweni
Tezo Deanery
St. Thomas Kilifi Parish, PO Box 48, Kilifi (Tel. 22009)
Tezo Parish, PO Box 608, Kilifi
Roka Parish, PO Box 1189, Kilifi
Jaribuni Parish, PO Box 284, Kilifi

Ganze Deanery
Ganze Parish, PO Box 25, Ganze
Bamba Parish, PO Box 3, Bamba via Kilifi
Vitengeni Parish ,c/o PO Box 48, Kilifi
Mariakani Deanery
St. Peter’s Mariakani Parish, PO Box 126, Mariakani
Jimba Parish, PO Box 4, Mazeras
Taru Parish, c/o PO Box 126, Mariakani

Kaloleni Deanery
Rabai Parish, PO Box 82, Rabai (Tel. 223553)
Chang’ombe Parish PO Box 43095, Mombasa
Bwagamoyo Parish, PO Box 82376, Mombasa
Kaloleni Parish, PO Box 12, Kaloleni
Mwijo Parish PO Box 13, Kaloleni
Other addresses:  
Christian Industrial Training Center (C.I.T.C.), po Box82010, Mombasa (Tel. 82012)

Bishop Hannington Institute, PO Box 81150, Mombasa (Tel. 491396)
Mission to Seamen, PO BOX 80424, Mombasa
St. Luke’s Hospital Kaloleni, PO Box 16, Kaloleni (Tel. 0125-33408/33038)
Mwareni Unit for Mentally Handicapped, PO Box 448, Mariakani
Ufanisi Youth Center, PO Box 48, Kilifi
Other Diocesan Departments, c/o PO Box 80072, Mombasa (Tel. 311105)
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