mt kenya west

Created in 1993 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Mount Kenya Central. It covers Nyeri and Laikipia administrative districts.

To reach 335, 800 people who live in the two districts on 12, 585 sq. km land, it is divided in a number of parishes.

The Current Bishop    
mt kenya west bishop

The Rt. Rev. Joseph Kagunda)
(Consecrated and Enthroned August 8, 2004)

P.O. Box 229- 10100, Nyeri
Tel Office +254 061 2032281
Fax. +254-061-2034954


Cathedral Deanery
Cathedral Parish, PO Box 229, Nyeri (Tel.0171-2192)
Ruring’u Parish, PO Box 5099, Nyeri

Mathira Deanery
Karatina Parish, PO Box375, Karatina
Kiamariga Parish, PO Box 196, Karatina
Gaikuyu Parish, PO Box1365, Karatina
Kiambara Parish, PO Box 375,Karatina

Mweiga Deanery
Mweiga Parish, PO Box 23, Mweiga
Endarasha Parish, PO Box 92, Endarasha
Karimenu Parish, PO Box 23, Mweiga

Wiyumiririe Deanery
Wiyumiririe Parish, PO Box 43, Ndaragwa
Salama Parish, PO Box 2021, Nyahururu
Othaya Deanery
Othaya Town Parish, PO Box 438, Othaya
Irindi Parish, PO Box 95, Othaya
Munyange Parish, PO Box 13, Othaya

Ruruguti Deanery
Ruruguti Parish, PO Box 438, Othaya
Gitundu Parish, PO Box 438, Othaya
Ihuririo parish, PO Box 13, Othaya

Mukurwe-ini Deanery
Mukurwe-ini Parish, PO Box 416, Mukurwe-ini
Gikondi Parish, PO Box 416, Mukurwe-ini

Githi Deanery
Githi Parish, PO Box 364, Mukurwe-ini
Kariara Parish, PO Box 364, Mukurwe-ini

Kagongo Deanery
Kagongo Parish, PO Box 720, Othaga
Mucharage Parish, PO Box 485, Othaya
Thunguri Parish, PO Box 48, Othaya
Ngaru Parish, PO Box 309, Othaya
Nanyuki Deanery
Nantuki North Parish, PO Box 279, Nanyuki (Tel. 0176-22788)
Dol Dol Parish, PO Box 14, Dol Dol
Kimanjo Parish, PO Dol Dol via Nanyuki

Naromoru Deanery
Naromoru Parish, PO Box 111, Naromoru
Kirima Parish, PO Box 5, Naromoru
Other addresses:  
Diocesan Office, PO Box229, Nyeri (Tel.0176-22788)
Administrative Secretary: Rev. Peterson K. Ngumo (Tel. 0171-2281)

Sunday School, D.M.A, education, K.A.Y.O, K.A.M.A, M.U and Hospital Chaplaincy
-All Under PO Box 229, Nyeri
Emmanuel Bookshop, PO Box 279, Nanyuki
A.C.K Ethi Polytechnic, C.I.T.C, PO Box 279, Nanyuki
Naro Moru C.I.T.C PO Box 111, Naro Moru
Christian Community Services (C.C.S) Offices, PO Box 279, Nanyuki or 299 Nyeri
(Tel. 0171-4749, 0176-22631,Fax 0171-4813)

Health Centres
Arjiju Health Centre, PO Box 14, Dol Dol
Ethi Health Centre, PO Box 279, Nanyuki
Kimanjo Health Centre, PO Box 14, Dol Dol
Mobile Health Services Co-ordinator, PO Box 279, Nanyuki
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