The Diocese of Mumias was created in January, 1993 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Maseno North.It covers Mumias and Butere administrative districts. Divided in 43 parishes, it strives to enables the people experience the reality of being equipped to face the challenges of the new millenium at grass root level.

Mumias has a population of 164, 783 people, with 33,000 of them professing the Anglican faith.

The Current Bishop    
mumias bishop

The Rt. Rev. Beneah Okumu Salala
(Consecrated and Enthroned on 30th June 2002)

P.O. Box 213, Mumias
Tel. +254-333-41232/ 41476
Tel/Fax. +254-333-41232/ 41476

The Diocese has;
• 5 Archdeaconries • 33 Parishes • 206 congregations • 40 Priests
• 16 Church workers

Mumias Deanery
Mumias Parish, PO Box 121, Mumias
Shibale Parish, PO Box 180, Mumias

Eluche Deanery
Eluche Parish, PO Box 110, Mumias
Kamashia Parish, PO Box 19, Mumias
Bubole Parish, PO Box 592, Mumias

Lubinu Deanery
Lubinu Parish, PO Box 592, Mumias
Maraba Parish, PO Box 31, Shianda
Shitoto Parish, PO Box 84, Shianda
Khayimba Parish, PO Box 31, Shianda via Kakamega
Emakunga Parish, PO Box 6, Makunga via Kakamega

Mung’ang’a Deanery
Mung’ang’a Parish, PO Box 73, Shianda via Mumias
Malaha Parish, PO Box 3, Malaha via Mumias
Khaunga Parish, PO Box592, Mumias
Navakholo Parish, PO Box 73, Shianda
Namulungu Deanery
Namulungu Parish, PO Box 109, Mumias
Khabukoshe Parish, PO Box 70, Bulimbo via Mumias
Mukhweya Parish, PO Box83, Bulimbo via Mumias
Ebusambe Parish, PO Box 98, Bulimbo via Mumias

Munami Deanery
Munami Parish, PO Box 66, Munami
Elubanga Parish, PO Box 84, Koyonzo
Ngairwe Parish, PO Box 50, Koyonzo
Emakale Parish, PO Box 483, Mumias
Mungakha Parish, PO Box 123, Mumias
Musanda Deanery
Musanda Parish, PO Box 93, Musanda via Butere
Eshikalame Parish, PO Box 267, Mumias
Emanyigo Parish, PO Box 5, Musanda via Butere
Eshihaka Parish, PO Box 47, Butere
Bungasi Parish, PO Box 94, Musanda via Butere

Buchifi Deanery
Buchifi Parish, PO Box 501, Mumias
Butobe Parish, PO Box 1, Imanga
Ebulanda Parish, PO Box 47, Imanga via Mumias
Other addresses:  
Diocesan Office, PO Box 213, Mumias (Tel. Fax:0333-41232/41476)

Administrative Secretary, PO Box 213, Mumias (Tel. 41232)
Development Co-ordinator, PO Box 213, Mumias (Tel. 41232)
Education Secretary, PO Box 213, Mumias (Tel. 41232)
Stewardship Officer, PO Box213, Mumias (Tel. 41232)
M.U Department, PO Box 213, Mumias (Tel. 41232)
Lands Department, PO Box 213, Mumias (Tel 41232)
Other Diocesan Departments c/o PO Box 213, Mumias(Tel. 41232/41476)
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