The ACK Diocese of Nairobi was created in 1964 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Machakos was separated off and in 1993 Kajiado Diocese was created from Kajiado Archdeaconry.
The Bishop    

Rt. Rev. Joel Waweru

Consecrated and Enthroned- 5th September 2010
P.O. Box 40502-00100, Nairobi
Tel Office +254-2-714755
Fax. +254-2-226259

Diocesan office: Imani Hse, Off Parliament Road, Nairobi  
St. Mary's Deanery  

St Marys Parish, Kabete, PO Box 29190, Nairobi. (Tel. 632017)

St. Francis Deanery
St Mathews Parish, Langata, PO Box 15066, Nairobi. (Tel. 891843)
St Ignatius Parish, Mbagathi, PO Box 15572, Nairobi. (Tel. 501081)

St Barnabas Deanery
St Barnabas Parish, Otiende, PO Box 41573, Nairobi (Tel. 503045)
St Pauls Parish, Nairobi South 'C', PO Box 52422, Narobi. (Tel. 500284)
Church of the Good Shepherd Parish, Dam Area, PO Box 56012, Nairobi. Tel. 603956
St Stephens Deanery
St Stephens Parish, Jogoo Road, PO Box 17056, Nairobi (Tel. 557409, Hse. 555619)
St Philips Parish, Jericho, PO Box 17174, Nairobi. (Tel. 787078)
St Mary Magdalene Parish, Maringo, PO Box 78830, Nairobi. (Tel. 763718)

St. James Deanery
St. James Parish, Buruburu, PO Box 34129, Nairobi (Tel. 793081 Hse. 793983)
St. Patrick’s Parish, Kayole, PO Box 68289, Nairobi (Tel 782247)
St. Peter’s Parish, Embakasi, PO Box 19059, Nairobi

St. Monica’s Deanery
St. Monica’s Parish, Dandora, PO Box 40345, Nairobi (Tel. 790946)
St. Matthias Parish, Njiru, PO Box 77841, Nairobi
St. Anne’s Parish, Mwiki, PO Box51849, Nairobi (Tel. 601504)
Holy Innocent Parish, Ruai, PO Box 69091, Nairobi
St. Catherine Parish, Tumaini c/o Imani House, PO Box 72846, Nairobi
St. Stephen’s Parish, Dandora c/o PO Box 40345, Nairobi
St. John’s Deanery
St. John’s, Pumwani, PO Box 13084, Nairobi (Tel.761655 Hse 767346
St. Polycarp Parish, Mlango Kubwa, PO Box 77879, Nairobi (Tel 766913)
St. Jude’s Parish, Huruma, PO Box 77283, Nairobi

St. Christopher’s Deanery
St. Christopher’s Parish, Mathare, PO Box 77068, Nairobi (Tel. 761735)
St. Michael and All Angels Parish, Kariobangi North, PO Box 46435, Nairobi
(Tel. 763873)
St. Prisca’s Parish, Korogocho, c/o Imani House, PO Box 72846, Nairobi
Emmanuel Parish, Ruaraka, PO Box 12301, Nairobi

St. Andrew’s Deanery
St. Andrew’s Parish, Kasarani, PO Box 67747, Nairobi (Tel. 861297)
St. Joseph of Arimathea Parish, Mountain-view. PO Box 67747, Nairobi
St. Elizabeth Parish, Kahawa West, PO Box 65784, Nairobi (Tel. 812076)
St. Clement Parish, Githurai, PO Box 65753, Nairobi
St. Hellen’s Parish, Githurai, PO Box 6260, Nairobi (Tel. 0303-40340)
St. Peter’s Parish, Kahawa Sukari, PO Box 65050, Nairobi
St. Getrudes Parish, Kasarani Clay City, PO Box 955, Ruaraka-Nairobi

St Mark’s Deanery
St. Mark’s Parish, Westlands, PO Box 14407, Nairobi (Tel. 446390,4472830
St. Joseph’s Parish, Ngara, PO Box 31192, Nairobi (Tel. 760829)
St. Bartholomew’s Parish, Kabere, PO Box 199, Village Market, Nairobi (Tel. 521657)
Other addresses:  
Adminisrative Secretary: Rev. Peter Maina Mwangi
Imani House, off Parliament Road,
PO Box 00200-72846, Nairobi
Tel. 229189 Fax: 02-226259

All Saints Nursery School, PO Box 40539, Nairobi (Tel. 710702)
All Saints Primary School, Madaraka, PO Box 40539, Nairobi (Tel. 603107)
Christian Industrial Training Centre (CITC), PO Box 72935, Nairobi
(Tel. 762486/5 Fax: 02-762913)
Kibera Human & Community Development Centre, PO Box 21202, Nairobi
(Tel. 569434/569290)
St. John’s Community Centre, Pumwani, PO Box 16254, Nairobi (Tel. 761624/765679)
St. John’s High School, Pumwani, PO Box 72125, Nairobi (Tel. 765679)
Diocesan Bookshop, Jogoo Road Nairobi, PO Box 72125, Nairobi (Tel. 557534)
Maridadi Fabrics, Landhies Road Nairobi, PO Box 67851, Nairobi
(Tel. 554288 Fax: 02-554250)
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