Created in 1961 on the sub-division of the Diocese of Mombasa. In 1993 the Diocese of Eldoret was separated off and on 1st January, 1998 the Diocese of Nyahururu was carved off leaving the present Diocese of Nakuru.
The Current Bishop    

The Rt. Rev Joseph Muchai
(Consecrated and Enthroned January 8, 2012)

P.O. Box 56, Nakuru
Tel +254-051-2212155/1
Hse. + 254-051-212499
Fax. +254-37-44379

Suffragan Bishop    
  The Rt. Rev. Musa  
  In charge of Baringo Area  

Nakuru Deanery
Cathedral Parish, PO Box 244, Nakuru (Tel. Off & Hse 210122)
Menengai Parish, PO Box 381, Nakuru (Tel 214663 Res. 213878)
Crater Parish, PO Box 2138, Nakuru
Kiamunyi Parish, PO Box 3029, Nakuru
Rongai Parish, PO Box 21, Rongai
Mang’u Parish, PO Box 56, Nakuru

Njoro Deanery
Njoro Parish, PO Box 96, Njoro (Tel. 61027)
Naishi Parish, PO Box 54, Naishi
Mau Narok Parish, PO Box 45, Mau Narok (Tel 38)
Mukutano Parish, PO Box 501, Njoro

Baringo Deanery
Kampi ya Samaki DMA, PO Box 10, Kampi ya Samaki (Tel. 0328-51407)
Nginyang DMA, PO Box Nginyang via Nakuru
Tangulbei DMA, c/o Box 10, Kampi ya Samaki
Kabarnet DMA, c/o Box 393, Kabarnet

Mogotio Deanery
Mogotio Parish, PO Box 66, Mogotio
Eldama Ravine Parish 67, Eldama Ravine
Rongai Parish, PO Box 21, Rongai (Tel 32273)
Esageri Parish, PO Box 224, Eldma Ravine
Kericho Deanery
Kericho Parish, PO Box 181, Kericho (Tel 20252)
Sotik Parish, PO Box 403, Sotik
Belgut Parish, PO Box 287, Kericho
Kipkellion Parish, PO Box 27, Kipkellion
Transmara Missionary Area, PO Box 210, Kilgoris (Tel. 0306-22139)

Molo Deanery
St Albans Parish, PO Box 171, Molo (Tel 0363-21038)
Kiambiriria Parish, PO Box 325, Molo
Londiani Parish, PO Box 33, Londiani
Bahati Deanery
Bahati Parish, PO Box 176, Bahati
Solai Parish, PO Box 37, Solai
St Peters Sidai Parish, PO Box 61, Subukia
Mbogoini Parish, PO Box 123, Subukia
Kabazi Parish, PO Box 17, Kabazi

Dundori Deanery
St Johns Parish, PO Box 1283, Nakuru (Tel 215510)
Kabatini Parish, PO Box 3650, Nakuru (Tel 850080)
Dundori Parish, PO Box 15313, Nakuru
Kiptangwanyi Parish, PO Box 13802, Nakuru
Naivasha Deanery
Naivasha Parish, PO Box 159, Naivasha (Tel 20193)
Karati Parish, PO Box 343, Naivasha
Lake Naivasha Parish, PO Box 839, Naivasha
Narok Parish, PO Box 106, Narok (Tel 2312/ 2336)
Nturument DMA, c/o PO Box 106, Narok
Ndabibi Parish, PO Box 1191, Naivasha
St Johns Naireggie Enkare, PO Box 166, Naireggie Enkare
Gilgil Parish, PO Box 143, Gilgil (Tel. 5274)
Other addresses:  
Administrative Secretary (Tel Hse 215644)
Director Mission & Evangelism: Rev Grace Muiruri
NRIDCCS, PO Box 56, Nakuru (Tel 212151/5)
TEE PO Box 56, Nakuru (Tel 037-212155/1)
CRE PO Box 56, Nakuru (Tel 2122155/1)
MU, PO Box 56, Nakuru (Tel 212155/1)
Youth, PO Box 56, Nakuru (Tel 212155/1)
Sunday School/ Brigade, PO Box 56, Nakuru (Tel 212155/1)
Mission & Evangelism (DMA), PO Box 56, Nakuru (Tel 212155/1
St Nicholas Home, PO Box 56, Nakuru (Tel 215116)
St Nicholas Faith Academy, PO Box 56, Nakuru (Tel 215116)
Diocesan Conference Centre, PO Box 56, Nakuru (Tel 212471)
Berea Farm, PO Box 56, Nakuru
Berea Theological College, PO Box 1945, Nakuru (Tel 51295)
Imani Bookshop, PO Box 56, Nakuru (Tel 212155/1)
ACK Shalom Dispensary, PO Box 56, Nakuru (Tel 215644)
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