Created in 1987 by the sub-division of the Diocese of Maseno North. In 1991 the Diocese of Katakwa was carved off and in 1996 the Diocese of Bungoma was carved off leaving the present Diocese of Nambale.

With 33 parishes, it effectively reaches the Nambale populace of 143, 244.

The Current Bishop    
nambale bishop

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Robert Magina
(Consecrated & Enthroned 16th November, 2014)

P.O. Box 4- 50409, Nambale
Tel +254-055- 24040
E-mail: /

The Diocese has;
• 5 Archdeaconries • 33 Parishes • 206 congregations • 40 Priests
• 16 Church workers

Busende Deanery
Busende Parish, PO Box 409, Busia (K)
Busia Parish, PO Box 313, Busia (K)
Budokomi sub-Parish, PO Box 288, Buisa (K)

Malanga Deanery
Malanga Parish, PO Box 119, Nambale(K)
Nambale Parish, PO Box 4, Nambale

Namahindi Deanery
Namaindi Parish, PO Box 50, Mungatsi
Mulwakari sub-Parish, PO Box 45, Nambale
Khwirale sub-Parish

Namasasi Deanery
Khasoko Parish, PO Box 129, Bunyolu
Namusasi Parish, PO Box 144, Bungoma
Khelela Parish, PO Box 41, Myanga
Mungore sub-Parish, PO Box 477, Bungoma

Sikinga Deanery
Sikinga Parish, PO Box 7, Bunyolu
Lupida sub-Parish, PO Box 95, Myanga
Bhukalire Deanery
Bhukalire Parish, PO Box 77, Murumba via Busia
Bujumba Parish, PO Box 62, Bumala
Bumala sub_parish, PO Box Bumala
Bumutiru sub-Parish, PO Box 40, Bumutiru via Nambale

Lugulu Deanery
Lugulu Parish, PO Box 13, Elugulu
Bukuyudi Parish, PO Box 187, Butula
Buduma Parish, PO Box 66, Buhuyi
Namboboto Deanery
Namboboto Parish, PO Box 150, Funyula
Busibi Parish, PO Box 30, Funyula

Funyula Deanery
Funyula Parish, PO Box 329, Funyula
Odiado Parish, PO Box 115, Funyula
Sigalame Deanery
Sigalame Parish, PO Box 60, Sio Port
Neyayo Parish, PO Box 1, Funyula
Nandereka Parish, PO Box 242, Funyula
Namakhudu sub-Parish, PO Box 5, Hakati

Lugale Deanery
Lugale Parish, PO Box 27, Port Victoria
Port Victoria Parish, PO Box 97, Port Victoria
Osieko Parish, PO Box 316, Usenge via Bondo
Other addresses:  
Diocesan Administrative Secretary, Diocesan Accountant, Christian Community
Services, MU Dept., Education Secretary, Communication Department, Sunday School
Department, KAYO Department, Board of Health: all c/o PO Box 4, Nambale
(Tel 0336-24040) E-mail:
Mission & Evangelism Department, PO Box 129, Bunyolu, Bungoma (Tel 10, Bunyolu)
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