Church Army Africa was started in East Africa in 1953. Church Army is a society and network of Anglican Evangelists spread in nine African countries of Eastern and Central Africa and serving in the dioceses of the Anglican Church. Our unique heritage is theological training obtained at Carlile College, formally Church Army Training College at our Jogoo Road Headquarters in Nairobi. This site has since1958 produced more than 400 graduates who on completion of their training are commissioned to be Church Army Officers.

The Purpose of an evangelist

The purpose of an evangelist is to present Christ Jesus in the Power of the Holy Spirit that men shall come to put their trust in God through him and to accept Him as their saviour. The new converts then serve Him as their king within the fellowship of the church. The evangelist seeks to “show forth Christ”, and to eventually say like Paul (the greatest Evangelist), “I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”.


Church Army Africa is a Society of Anglican evangelists positively transforming society throughout Africa.

Church Army Africa pursues the following mission:
To identify, develop and enable the human resource potential of the church.
Recreate the community of Church Army Officers through regular communication and scheduled meetings.
Build strong communication with the wider church in order to insure that the services we offer are known, valued and used.
Develop strategic linkages and partnerships with the like-minded, in order to avoid duplication and to enable us to build on the expertise of others
Achieve resource self- sufficiency.
Develop and produce training tools
Introduce a management structure and systems of governance and financial control that will serve the society.
Carlile College  

Programmes and projects
The college was started in 1958 with only eight students and it has since grown to a capacity of 100 students. The teaching staff comprises of full-time and part-time lecturers who are currently 16 in number.

The college is committed to Mission and Evangelism and mainly admits Anglican students but is open to a small percentage of non-Anglican students.

The college comprises of various schools:  

a) School of Theology
The school offers a one year certificate course which introduces students to Christian Theology and Ministry, a two year Diploma which is a basic training for those who are already ordained and for those who will work as full -time lay mission workers, and a three year Higher Diploma which is designed to prepare/ up-grade people for either an ordained or lay mission ministry.

Course details  
Biblical studies: 1) Biblical literature.
2) Biblical Theology
Theological studies 3) Historical Theology and Mission History
4) Systemic Theology and Christian
Inter- disciplinary studies 5) Human studies and religion
6) Faith studies and Apologetic
Practical studies 7) Missiology and Contextual studies
8) Moral Theology and Practical Ethics
9) Spirituality and Theology ministry
The Theology courses are offered at three levels: Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma.
The Theology school also offers its own Licentiate in Applied Theology (Pastoral and Evangelism Studies).
Admission and Validation  
The Theological programme can be joined at any level. The preferred entrance requirement for the certificate is C at secondary level education, or an equivalent pass for university entrance (e.g at “A” level), but other candidates may apply. An applicant holding a Certificate in Theology or a Diploma in Theology may join the Diploma or Higher Diploma levels respectively. A pass-mark of 45% must be achieved for a student to progress from one level to the next
b) C.I.C.S  

The Center for Intercultural and Contemporary Studies (CICS) is a programme of Carlile College School of Theology. The center seeks to provide a forum for men and women to share their experiences. It serves as a cross-cultural link between peoples in Kenya.

School of Business Studies
Offers quality business education courses leading to certificate and Diploma qualifications. The Certificates are recognized and are awarded by reputable examining bodies.

To educate leaders to serve in the church and the wider community.  
1. Secretarial
2. Accountancy
3. Public Relations and Marketing
4. Computers
5. Form 4 Tutorial – 8-4-4 syllabus.
College Facilities  

The College offers library facilities to its students for reference purposes. The library is open to both students and tutors. This makes the college a unique center for learning. There is no fee charged for membership. The college has 15 spacious lecture rooms that are conducive for learning.

Besides these, the college also has well-maintained academic grounds used mainly for graduation and to enhance co-curriculum activities, a sports pavilion.

2) Church Army Academy  

This is a project comprising of a nursery section and a primary section. The nursery section has been operating since the 1970s and it was not until recently when the Primary School was started due to pressure from the neighbouring community. The school is a center of excellence, existing to:

a) Provide Early childhood Education of the highest standard
b) Provide Primary School Education of the highest standard
c) Bring up children in a Christ-like four-point development (physically, socially, mentally and spiritually)

3) The Church Army Dental Clinic  
Offers quality services at minimal charges
Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays – 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Saturdays - 8:30 am to 1:00 pm
Future projections:  
To develop the dental clinic into a full-scale health center, offering other services such as: general medical services, immunization, MCH clinic, ophthalmology (eye clinic), counseling and laboratory and radiotherapy services.
4) Cafeteria  
Offers catering services to the surrounding community. Also offers a special feeding programme for school children.  
5) Outreach Ministry  
Church Army Africa Missioners Outreach has been refounded as a ministry resource and help to the Anglican Church in East, Central and Southern Africa and other denominations. On invitation, this ministry offers help to churches in various areas including training church leaders and members at different levels of their work and ministry.
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