A Company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital.

It is a trust holding all the funds administered by them for the benefit of the whole Anglican Church of Kenya.


The CMS formed the Church Trust in 1957 which was renamed Church Commissioners in 1962.


It is the investment arm of the Church. It holds in trust all movable and immovable property of the Anglican Church in trust.


The Commissioners – These are representatives from Dioceses. Each Diocese is represented by the Bishop, one Clergy and one layman.

Church Missionary Society nominates one person for election. The Archbishop of Kenya is the Chairman of Church Commissioners of Kenya. Commissioners meet once a year at the Annual General Meeting.

Board of Governors – The day to day running is done by a Board of Governors whose membership is as follows:

1. Archbishop of Kenya - Chairman
2. The Chairman of the Provincial Board of Finance
3. Two elected members, with considerable business ability
4. One member of the Legal profession
5. One Bishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya
6. One Clergy man of the Anglican Church of Kenya
7. A representative of the Church Missionary Society

Board of Governors meet every month.

The Church Commissioners of Kenya Board of Governors appoint advisers of the following experience:

1. Someone with Church affairs knowledge
2. Someone with Finance Management knowledge
3. Someone with Architectural knowledge

The Board formulates policies for the Trust.

The Board employs professionals who are headed by a Secretary and an Accountant.

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