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St. Andrew’s College of Theology and Development was established by the Most Rev. Dr. David M. Gitari (retired Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya) soon after the creation of the Diocese of Mt. Kenya East in 1975. It moved to its present location in Kabare in May , 1978.


Our vision is to select and equip men and women for the holistic mission of Christ to the many peoples of Africa and the rest of the world.


We seek to provide a remarkable Theological Faculty in order to produce finely- tempered Christian characters.
To ensure that the theological students are well- balanced by providing them opportunity to live and worship together with students of different disciplines.
To provide a holistic approach to learning and doing which welcomes the interrelatedness of different fields and thought, experience and faith in the Holy Trinity.
To turn our students into ministers of the Christian Gospel.


Compulsory subjects
Biblical studies/ historical studies
First Year
Introduction to Old Testament
Introduction to New Testament,
General Church History.
Second Year
Old Testament themes
New Testament themes
African Church History
Third Year
Old Testament Texts
Religious studies
New Testament Texts
Mission and Development
Theological Studies
Practical Studies
Theological studies/ Practical studies
First Year
Pastoral Psychology and sociology
Second Year
Systemic Theology, Christian worship and Homiletics
Third Year
African Theology, Pastoral care and Christian ethics counseling and Christian Education
Other courses
Introduction to philosophy, Greek, Hebrew, Research methods, Anglicanism, Music and additional lectures in various academic and practical subjects.
Entry requirements
Students will normally have completed a certificate in secondary education and have done at least 12 years of schooling. All teaching and writing is in English, so competence in English is a prerequisite. Only residential education is offered for the following:  
St. Paul’s Diploma in Theology (Dip. Th.)
Provincial Certificate in Theology (PCT)
Other Departments:

1) Business studies Department
2) Development Studies
Pastoral care

Students are encouraged to seek solutions to personal problems through friends and friendship. Personalized pastoral care is also provided by the Director of Pastoralia who is available to every student for spiritual guidance.
Pastoral experience

Theological students are required to gain a variety of pastoral experience as part of their course. This is done through:
a) Sunday placements in nearby churches
b) Block placements
c) DMA- mission tours are also arranged

Currently, the college has a capacity of 150 students and the number of students trained so far in this institution is 2200. The college has 12 qualified tutors to ensure high standards are maintained.

St. Andrews College of Theology and Development Kabare
P.O. Box 6
TEL. 0163-21256
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