A home for poor orphaned and destitute children. Children must be given freedom to enjoy their rights to be children.  
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Serving needy children in a hostile environment
The centre hosts:

Orphaned children
Children collected from the streets
Suffering children from the poorest of the poor
Helpless children
Abandoned children

Street children are children like any other, only that they have lost their childhood. They need to be assisted to regain life as children.

St. Nicholas Community Centre believes in the right of the child to:
Protection from abuse
Protection from exploitation and cruelty
Live a normal life
Grow up in freedom

The home therefore endeavours to provide basic needs including:-
Medical Attention
Formal Education

Street children will most likely be suffering from mental fear and unceasing worries. We have a duty to assist them to recover.

St. Nicholas Community also works for the right of the child to:
Freely express their opinions
Participate fully in plays and recreation
The right to information
Proper spiritual development
Abundant life
Children need to be encouraged so that they can grow into responsible citizens.  
Factual Information On Poor Children Around The World  
According to UNICEF:
There are over 30 million children without proper care in the world
Basic children rights are greatly compromised all over
Society in general treats street children as undesirables
Street children have and continue to be targeted with violence and repression
Children are the most vulnerable of the under-privileged class of people
For more information contact:  

The Manager
St Nicholas Community Development Centre
P.O. Box 24469, Nairobi, KENYA
Tel. +254-2-884373

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