ACK Advocacy Committee Calls For Action

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) advocacy committee meeting at Mombasa Guesthouse on 3rd August 2011, called upon the Government of Kenya to urgently respond to the pertinent issues affecting our country, drought and the slow pace of the constitution implementation process.

In a press release, "A Call to Action," the church commended the efforts of Kenyans to raise funds to provide food in kind for their compratriots affected by drought and famine. They called upon the Government to consider long term intervention such as water harvesting and ensuring adequate food reserves are in stock to avert dire effects of drought in future. "What mechanisms are in place to ensure food harvested in productive areas is preserved in strategic reserves and distributed when need arises?" remarked the statement.

On the Constitition, the politicians were called upon to remain focused on drawing up and submission of crucial bills for debate to facilitate the implementation of the new Constitution, as the first anniversary of the promulgation draws near. That not withstanding, the Constitution Oversight Implementation Committee and the Constitution Implementationj Committee were lauded for their efforts and achievements in the process so far.

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