ACK Holds Consultation on Development

Over 70 Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) development actors from various regions in the country congregated in ACK Imani Guest and Conference Centre in Nakuru for a two- day consultation to review ACK work in social transformation. The ACK Archbishop, Provincial heads of departments, Provincial boards' chairmen, Board of Social services, representatives from various regions and Directorate of Social Services (DOSS) staff were among the participants.

The ACK has been doing development work around the country for over 35 years with great success and impact. The operational context and landscape has changed tremendously over the years thus necessitating the consultation to discuss ways of improving the work.

ACK Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, called upon the development agents to familiarize with the new constitution in order to contextualize and make relevant the social transformation approaches in future. Archbishop Emeritus David Gitari, drawing from Matthew 9: 35- 38, challenged the participants to reach out to the needs of the communities they serve since development is the bridge to evangelism.

ACK's re-engineering of the development work design seeks to give it a new lease of life and vigor to keep it efficient, relevant and competitive in the coming years. As regions displayed their work, it gave an opportunity for stakeholders in ACK development to meaningfully interact with the ongoing work in the communities, with a view to re-direct the strategic direction of this work.

ACK hopes to make the consultation an annual event where local stakeholders in form of owners and doers of development work can get together to showcase their work, identify gaps and deliberate on how to sustain and grow the development agenda of ACK.

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