ACK Speaks Comfort to Kenyans

The Provincial Synod of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) meeting at the All Saints’ Cathedral Trinity Centre on 30th September 2011 expressed concern about the calamities experienced in the recent past in our country.

In a press statement released, Archbishop Dr. Eliud Wabukala, spoke a message of comfort to those who have lost loved ones in the several cases of road carnage, the Sinai slum and Busia tanker fires, deaths caused by the consumption of lethal local brews, collapsing of buildings under construction and the inhaling of poisonous chlorine fumes in Shauri Moyo. "Some of these disasters are preventable, if only individuals and corporate institutions would be more proactive in protection of human life," said the Archbishop Wabukala.

As the cost of living escalates, the church urged the Government to consider eliminating some of the taxes temporarily until the economic crunch is over to show solidarity with the majority of Kenyans who are struggling to make ends meet. They also called upon the Parliament to respect the decision of Kenyans to vote in the Proposed Constitution and refrain from piecemeal amendment to alter the election date of general elections from August to December of every fifth year. Instead, it was recommended that Parliament awaits the outcome of the Supreme court ruling on the issue.

Kenyans were also urged to remain calm and let justice take its course as the hearings for confirmation of charges continue in the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague. The pursuit of justice for the victims of the post- election violence experienced in Kenya in 2007, has been one accompanied with controversies on the investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators."The church will continue in prayer as we trust for peace and solidarity of Kenyans during the upcoming elections and a common desired future," said the Archbishop.

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