The Anglican Church led by The Most Rev. Dr. Ole Sapit Participated in the Multi- Sectoral Forum held on 18th – 20th July 2016.The forum was preparing a memorandum to be presented to the join parliamentary selected committee on preparation for credible and peaceful 2017 general elections.
His Grace The Most Rev. Jackson Ole Sapit (first row-left) with other religious leaders & Multi- Sector Leaders

The forum was convened by Religious Leaders drawn from different faiths namely; Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, National Council of Churches Kenya, Supreme Council of Kenya Muslim, Evangelical alliance of Kenya, Hindu Council of Kenya, Seventh Day Adventist, Organization of African Instituted Churches. They were joined members from the following bodies;

1. Civil Society Organizations
2. Trade unions
3. Women Constituency
4. Youth Constituency
5. Disability Constituency
6. Mkenya Daima
7. Council of Governors

1. Create a platform for dialogue and participation by non- state actors in electoral reforms
2. Consolidate and advance a national electoral reform agenda for Kenya
3. Undertake oversight to ensure accountability of the Parliamentary Reform Initiative
4. Promote peace and national cohesion for peaceful and credible 2017 general election
A section of the delegates present including the retired ACK Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi following through the presentation
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