Respect the Rule of Law, ACK Leaders Urge Kenyans

The Archbishop, Bishops, Regional Development Coordinators and Heads of Departments & Institutions of the Anglican Church of Kenya, met at the ACK Mombasa Guest House from 20th to 22nd March 2012 and deliberated on the progress of constitutional reforms and the state of the nation.

The consultation aimed at discussing the ACK advocacy agenda in the run up to Kenya's first general elections under the new constitutional dispensation, discussed the political scenarios emerging in the nation and the role of the church in national cohesion.

The ACK leaders called upon Kenyans to respect the rule of law and support the institutions delegated to make laws regarding the disputed poll dates. “The debate regarding the date for elections must not distract Kenyans from focusing on the process that will lead to free, fair, transparent and peaceful elections. The process is more important than the date. However, elections must be held as close as possible to the end of the term of the current parliament,” said the Archbishop in statement released during a press conference held after the meeting.

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