An empowered Finance department with the ability to develop and observe prudent financial management procedures for growth and sustainability of ACK


To encourage fund development and ensure full accountability of all ACK financial resources through proper financial record management, budgetary discipline and controls, prudent planning and investment and timely, reliable and accurate financial reporting


1. Ensure that receipts and payments are done in accordance with laid down rules and as stipulated by the Companies Act and International Standard Accounting.

2. Ensure that there are strong internal controls in the Church and ensure there is strong budgetary discipline.

3. Sound financial management of accounting records, which guarantees timely production of financial reports that are accurate and reliable.

4. Empower finance staff and church decision-makers on financial matters.

5. Cultivate a harmonious relationship between the finance department and other stakeholders.

6. Facilitate the setting up of effective departments in all church institutions.

7. Encourage introduction of finance management course as a key subject in the theological colleges.

8. Ensure that there is enough financial resources for the Church through prudent investments, efficient working capital management and strict budgetary discipline.



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