The Current Provincial Director of Mission


The Rev. Evans Omollo

P.O. Box 40502- 00100, Nairobi
Tel Office +254-20-2714753/3
Fax. +254-20-2718442

The Provincial Board of Mission

The Board of Mission is the evangelistic arm of the Anglican Church of Kenya and is mandated by the Provincial Synod to coordinate mission work in the Province. The Board executes its mandate through the following committees:

I)  Children's Ministry (Combines Sunday School & Brigade)
II)  Kenya Anglican Youth Organization (KAYO)
III)  Mothers' Union
IV)  Kenya Anglican Men's Association (KAMA)
VI)  Chaplaincy
VII)  Diocesan Missionary Association (DMA) and Evangelism

Functions of the Provincial Board of Mission

•  To provide guidance on preaching and teaching authentic biblical doctrine within the framework of the Anglican Church of Kenya.

•  To appoint an Executive Committee of five (5) members made up of the Board Chairman, Provincial Secretary, Mission Director and two persons from among its members.

•  To participate in appointment of the Mission Director

•  To receive reports from the Provincial Secretary on performance of the Mission Director

•  To coordinate and give general direction to its various committees

•  To monitor and evaluate of the performance of the various committees

•  To receive reports from various committees and present the Board and committees reports to the Provincial Synod.

•  To share with the Bishops in the Province on best practices to carry out Mission in dioceses.

•  To identify emerging national and global mission trends and advise the Province and dioceses on how best to engage with these trends.

•  To identify areas of ministry that have not been adequately addressed by the ACK and advise accordingly

•  To encourage and report on human and financial sustainability of the various committees

•  To work with DMA and Evangelism Committee in mobilization of resources for mission work in Missionary Areas.

•  To support and encourage departments and dioceses to hold regular diocesan, regional and national conventions, conferences and symposia to address various issues in Christian Ministry.

•  Provide strategic thinking in mission work in the Province

•  To encourage collaboration between different ministries in the Board




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