The Current Provincial Secretary


The Rev. Canon Rosemary Mbogo

P.O. Box 40502- 00100, Nairobi
Tel Office +254-20-2714753/3
Fax. +254-20-2718442

The Provincial Secretary is appointed by the Archbishop in consultation with the Standing Committee of the Provincial Synod.
1. It is the public relations office of the Church

2. It is the Executive arm of the Church is entrusted with ensuring implementation of Church policies

3. Coordinates the Church’s governance meetings

4. Serves as a secretariat for the Church

5. Liaises information with Dioceses and Church partners all over the world with consultation with the Archbishop’s Office and other organs of the Church

6. Hires and fires staff

7. General management and coordination of the Provincial Office

8. Human resource development

9. Counselling and conflict resolution of control and safeguarding of Church resources

10. Keeping inventory of all Church assets

11. Responsible for the church archives.

12. Visits dioceses which need advice on documents.


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